Rules & Consequences

We use a colored behavior chart every day in Room 204 to help us manage our classroom behaviors. The colors range from green to red, and each color stands for the following:

GREEN: Great behavior! This means Ms. Debelak did not have to talk to me at all today, and that I’ve been doing really well!

YELLOW: Warning! Ms. Debelak had to remind me once about my behavior, which is okay, but I need to make sure I am following all of the rules for the rest of the day. Ms. Debelak will ask me to apologize and self-correct.

ORANGE: Uh oh! Ms. Debelak had to talk to me more than once about my behavior, so I had to move my clip twice. This also means that I have to reflect on my choices in the thinking chair and work in a different area upon rejoining the rest of the class.

RED: Oh no! This means that I had a rough day. Ms. Debelak had to talk to me at least three times because I wasn’t following the rules. I will have to go to Ms. Scherer’s room for at least 10 minutes to fill out a reflection sheet, and Ms. Debelak will be calling home to talk about my behavior.


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First Grade, Room 204

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