Week of 9/15/14

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you all had an excellent weekend! Here are the updates for this week:

This week we are going to begin working on word problems and how to determine what strategy to use (addition, subtraction, etc). Homework this week will reflect this, so you can talk to your students about what the language in the problem means (i.e. how many are left = subtraction, all together = addition).

This week we are going to start introducing informational texts in reading. Informational texts are a fancy way of saying non-fiction books. We will be talking about comparing and contrast two things in a text (this week it will be all about owls vs. bats!).

BAS Testing
This year students at Bradwell will be BAS tested to assess their reading ability and growth. Testing for the fall starts today. Students will be required to read a book and answer questions about said book. Once all BAS testing is over I will send home your child’s score and ways we can push them to the next level by winter testing.

We are discussing what living things need this week in science, and they will be quizzed on this on Friday. Our vocabulary words will be nutrients, needs, and shelter. They should know that plants need water and sunlight as well to grow.

Ms. Debelak


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