Dyslexia Warning Signs

Hello Wonderful 204 Parents!

During my introductory phone calls, I spoke with a couple parents who were concerned that their children were flipping letters when they wrote and if this was something that would need an academic intervention.

Flipping letters is actually something that most educators consider grade-level appropriate until 3rd grade. As a first grade teacher, I see ALMOST ALL of my students doing it, especially for commonly flipped letters like “b” and “d”. Of course, we still want our first graders to get out of the habit as soon as possible, so when you see your student flipping letters you should work with them to edit their writing.

This article explains everything in greater detail, with some research and expert opinions to back it up: http://www.education.com/magazine/article/Kinder_dyslexia_warning_signs/

Of course, if you still have concerns that there might be something more substantial going on with your student, please reach out to me by phone or email and we can discuss the appropriate next steps.


Ms. Debelak


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